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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> breaking news, a u.p.s. truck driver and eight other cars trapped by a downed powerlines on top of their vehicles on u.s. highway 101 in burlingame. thousands of other drivers were stuck for hours after the freeway was shut down. officials say a crane hit a transmission to tower that collapsed last night, knocking high voltage lanes down along both northbound and southbound lanes. we will have much more on this in just a moment. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. i'm in for chris nguyen. it's saturday, august 29th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan,
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who is in for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7hd may be tracking some sprinkles this morning. we've seen some north of sacramento and they may drop as far south as the peninsula coast. so far no measurable rain yet. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s. san francisco 65. oakland currently at 67 -- or rather san jose at 67. feeling humid out there but things will change. here's are a live view out toward the bay. basically temperatures will take a tumble. a much cooler afternoon especially in the inland east bay where numbers will drop by as much as 20 degrees. only the mid-80s and that will be your high for today. along the coast breezy conditions, as well, with temperatures coming down to the mid-60s to the 70s. i'll have your complete accuweather seven take forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. our breaking news begins -- excuse me -- begins in burlingame. highway 101 is still closed in
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both directions from a construction accident involving live electrical wires that stranded thousands of drivers. a crane smashed into a pg&e electrical tower overnight at a construction site between anza boulevard and millbrae avenue, leaving live wires on the roadways and causing a massive traffic backup. those wires carrying 115,000 volts each were actually laying on top of some of the cars. the driver of a ups truck on the southbound side was trapped in the northbound lanes. people inside at least eight cars could not move because of the danger of being electrocuted. all this began around 9:30 last night. >> we had a collapse of high energy lines that came down over both sides of u s1 01 north and southbound. at that point we had to shut down traffic and divert traffic off the freeway and then call the appropriate resources in place so we could mitigate this. >> they are still down and they are still hot, apparently,
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because people tried to cross the overpass as they were shutting down the freeway and the cops up yelling at them because if they touch any of the fencing over there, they could get killed if it's hot. >> all the people who were trapped got out safely and no one was injured during the entire ordeal. traffic, as we said, was backed up for miles. and here is more video of those people trapped inside their cars in the southbound lanes during the incident. abc news reporter sergio quintana called one man on his cell phone. >> yes, the tower over here, the powerlines were knocked down across the highway and they are now across the lanes both directions, all lanes. >> how long have you been there? >> since 9:30, so over four hours now. you told me you are hungry? >> yeah. [laughter] >> well, the chp partially opened a lane to allow the cars with wires over them to drive
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away once those wires had been de-energized. but how is it looking right now. we will check in with frances dinglasan. >> northbound traffic is jammed through san mateo, moving at 5 miles an hour. basically across southbound traffic also backed up through millbrae. of course, avoid 101 all together. consider 380 and 280. this is going to be a major disaster and make for drivers on the peninsula today since they don't have an estimated time of reopening. i did speak with the chp earlier and they said maybe by noon. so if you are headed to the giants game, your best bet is caltrain today. also, you may want to consider bart if you are head today sfo. plan on a lot of extra time. if you have to go anywhere near the area. here's a look at the waze traffic app for you. you see it crawling in both
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directions. not only or the freeways jammed but also the side streets nearby. it's very heavy a few minutes ago drivers were reporting a complete standstill. so again, 101, a complete mess. totally worth avoiding throughout the morning, and we will keep you posted on it today. 280 your best bet. avoid the side streets in the area, and mass transit if you can, bart is a great alternate heading to the giants game. we will keep you posted. carolyn. >> thank you. >> oh, a littlity bit of an electrical surge there. and we will get another one. >> they are rebooting the scoreboard. >> look how confused he was last night. the power outage briefly stopped the action at at&t park last night. the broadcaster showed the center field scoreboard going haywire. giants fans may or may not have
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had an inkling of what was in store for them after the game, especially those heading home on 101. frustrated drivers vented on social media. lisa posted this picture tweeting i have been sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours. so close to the exit. viewers posted this cell phone video, as well as pictures of the incident. you can see that crane responsible for pulling down the tower. the tower itself is crumpled over at the top, kind of like someone on the ground lassoed it and pulled it. some still pictures. and then some of the massive backup. we want to see your photos and videos. share them with us on twitter, facebook and instagram with the hashtag abc7now. breaking overnight a shooting closed down all northbound lanes of 880. this car is peppered with bullet
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holes. developing news. the harris county sheriff's office tells abc news that a person of interest has now been taken in for questioning after the ambush of a harris county sheriffs deputy who was filling his patrol car at a gas station. the gunman shot harris county deputy darren from behind and stood over his body and fired several more rounds, kill him. the ten year veteran died at the scene. he was in uniform. sheriffs officials say the 47-year-old was killed for no apparent reason. >> it's tough enough being a deputy and being in law enforcement in this country right now, but for people the way that they are right now, i
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have no words for what this type of person did. >> this is near dallas, texas. witnesses say a woman was seen sobbing over the deputy's body. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> police are looking for this man, accused of inappropriately touching several girls while they were swimming at a u.c. berkeley swimming pool wednesday afternoon. investigators say the man swam up to each of his victims at the strawberry cannon pool, grabbing their legs or buttocks. the girls are between the ages of 9 and 13. police believe there may be other victims. >> three santa clara deputies all assigned at jail guards have been placed on administrative leave after the death of an inmate. deputies performing welfare checks found the inmate unconscious at the main jail in downtown san jose wednesday morning. paramedics were called in and pronounced him dead. the sheriff's office has not explained why guards were placed on leave during the
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investigation. prison life is not known for comfort, but it's even less so at san quentin this morning. they are dealing with an outbreak of legionnaires' disease which means bottled water and porta-potties for the inmates. we have the story. >> from sky 7 humidity d you see the line of inmates wait to go use of porta-potties that were brought in for the emergency. most water has been shut down in the prison. >> when with he see cases of legionnaires' disease it's generally con find to one specific facility. often within those facilities it's one specific water source, like a heating tank. >> one was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed and two others are being tested and treated by health officials. the county's water has been tested and it's safe. >> legionnaires' is not tested from person to person.
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it's usually acquired by inhaling a water drop let that's been in the air, so a mist. >> e-mails have been sent out to neighbors describing the situation. >> i would worry about the people who work in there and live in there, that there's plenty of people that have the residential housing. >> a kitchen employee said they have been under strict temporary rules to prevent them from infected. >> the only source of water or water use is when you flush the toilet and not wash your hands. that's kind of gross, but we have hand sanitizer. >> visitors will be told they will not be allowed in this weekend so the prison can track down the source of the contamination. at san quentin, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> you can expect temperatures at least ten degrees below normal? >> it's sitting cooler. we will be below normal pretty soon actually. some areas will tumble by as much as 20 degrees today. here are some of the low clouds that will contribute to the lower numbers and i'll have all the details coming up.
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>> thank you, frances. also ahead, a violent sex offender forced out of one bay area community, now set up to move into another. the latest neighborhood fight to go keep him out. and a shocking display at an east bay park, as a baby deer is used in a gruesome protest.
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fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. >> this is abc7 news.
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>> welcome back, everyone. 6:14 on this saturday morning. be thankful you are not on 101 near burlingame. as you see from our traffic map, there are closers there in both directions because of a massive downed power line accident last night. so the traffic approaching and being detoured off at anza boulevard, 5 miles per hour and approaching in the other direction 12 miles. it has been a real mess since 9:30 last night. >> a sexual predator forced out of one community is about to be relocated to another. neighbors along amherst way in concord of furious because of the man who is supposed to move in next door. abc news reporter alan wang has the story. >> i think it's absolutely horrendous. >> 89-year-old helen barns just found out she could end up living next to this man, who is a high-risk violent sex
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offender. >> i doubt if i would stay. i would have to move after being here 55 years. >> according to this notice, 51 year he old fraser smith is about to be released from a state hospital into the 1500 block of amherst way. neighbors suspect it's this house, the only one available for rent. >> we have lots of single women around here and elderly people living next door. it's not something we really need. >> smith was convicted of sexually assaulting fourteen age -- four teenage girls. in march solano county tried to place him in this fairfield home but neighborhood opposition and a judge's ruling denied the attempt. even though the crimes are committed in solano county, they are trying to move him to contra costa county, but the district attorney is fighting the move. >> he used to live in solano county and he was committed there. what the county is saying they
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have extraordinary circumstance that justify placing him outside of the county and it's our position they don't. >> they said they looked at 1700 places within their boundaries and none is suitable. a hearing on november 25th will decide if smith moves in here. abc7 news. >> there's outrage in a berkeley neighborhood over what resident did to protest dogs that may have killed a deer. the resident admitted to hanging the deer's carcass to a fence at the park wednesday and attaching signs that said, "killedly off off-leash dogs." this photo was provided by berkeley animal care and control. the resident said he was tired of neighborhood dogs roaming that neighborhood park off leash. he wanted to take action. the carcass has since been taken away by animal control. frances is in for lisa this morning to tell us about the weather >> it will be a lot cooler, we will see the clouds increase and
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the breeze pick up, as well. there is even a chance of sprinkles mainly in the north bay, up toward sacramento and ukiah and chico where we even saw some thunderstorms earlier. and heads up if you are planning to drive to and from the sierra through south lake tahoe. a red flag warning in effect until 6:00 tonight but the driving witnesses are dangerous because it means we could see ridge top gusts of up to 70 miles an hour. that makes it difficult for s.u.v.s or mini-vans or anyone in a bus. and an update on tropical storm erica. it has been downgraded as it passed over the domin ka republic and is heading toward cuba. tracking west-north we've at 20 miles an hour. it will weaken as it heads over cuba as the forecast animation shows. but we will keep an eye on it because it looks like it will hit the western side of florida monday and all the way into wednesday, possibly bringing
6:18 am
them some hurricane-force winds and rainfall. a live shot from the exploratorium camera looking out from the buildings. you see some of the skies and the low clouds, as well. san francisco currently 65. oakland 69. good luck to the triathlonners today. san jose 67. morgan hill at 63 degrees. now here's a live view of the golden gate bridge. you see how the roads are a little damp. we did get a few sprinkles. i don't know if it's anything measurable yet but there are gray skies as well over the bridge. a chance of morning showers diminishing by noon. sharply cooler this weekend. below normal highs for next week. the coolest day should be about wednesday and thursday. here's a look at the radar atlanta image. we have the area of high pressure that brought us the heat. that is moving east and moving out and in its place in the next weather system that will bring us cooler temperatures and the forecast animation shows extensive cloud cover this morning with the areas of light green showing our best chances of where with he could see some of the sprinkles.
6:19 am
it may come as far south as san francisco and the peninsula coast but it's going to be drizzle or light showers as best. by this afternoon the breeze kicks in and with the stronger sea breeze and onshore flow, temperatures will be come down. so your highs for today will only be the mid-80s, especially in the inland areas. antioch 85. livermore 84. more comfortable in the east bay. oakland at 76 and san jose 80 degrees. san francisco 70 degrees for today. so that's closer to normal. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid-50s to low 60s. cooler, as well. 56 in napa. san francisco 60. we could see some drizzle and mist in half moon bay at 60 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. again, a chance of light, light rain this morning. temperatures are coming down so mid-80s inland, 80 near the bay, and along the coast in the upper 60s. the cooling trend continues all the way into midweek, where we
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will then be below average. right now we are just close to average but much cooler than we were the last few days. enjoy the relief, and i miss the fog so i'm like welcome back fog and clouds. >> yeah. all right. thank you, frances. up next, a rockstar's former guitar is returned to its rightful owner after being stolen. where the $30,000 fender will be heading i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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>> phantom of the opera has been a long running show. the show has been treated to a bit of a face-lift. abc7 news traffic reporter lay leyla gulen got to peak behind the mask and takes us backstage to san francisco's orpheum theater. ♪. >> it's the kind of music that sends shivers up your spine. >> whether you are a fan of the theater or not, you probably know the entire music body of phantom of the opera. that's something that's fun. when the lights go down every night, people are excited.
6:24 am
>> without the mask you may recognize this phantom. chris mann made a name for himself as a recording artist. today -- ♪ in all your fantasies] >> he felt their tunes opposite katie travis, who is finally playing her dream role. >> phantom of the opera is the first show i ever saw. when i saw it i thought this is what i want to do. it took a couple years, and close to ten tries, but we got it! >> and during such a transformative time when the production is unavailable its first redesign since premiering in 1988. >> obviously the lighting has changed a lot in the last 25 years. that's something that really got updated. and our chandelier. all of those things, it has motion effects and sound and lighting equipment and pyrotechnics in it. he is a stage manager or road warrior, as he likes to call himself.
6:25 am
having toured for years with disney's the lyon king before recently joining phantom. he's no stranger to dazzling technological feats as designed by the producer. >> she wanted to take advances in those last 25 years and refresh the show. we like to say it's little more explosive. >> you will definitely be able to feel the heat. for more information go to our website. leyla gulen, abc7 news. >> and $20,000 worth of brand new musical instruments. >> abc7 news was at king middle school in oakland yesterday for a big surprise. stubhub and the mr. holland's opus foundation donated all these instruments to the school's music program. it's part of the ticket agency's million dollars efforts to boost
6:26 am
arts programs at schools nationwide. >> the kids are so excited to play music instruments. now more kids than ever want to sign up for the band program. it couldn't be more exciting. >> the kids were also treated to a performance byq san francisco-based band the family crest. they even let this fifth grader try out one of the new trombones. a rockstar's guitar that was stolen has now been returned. the owner got back a $30,000.1966 fender telecaster that was stolen august 16th during a burglary. it used to belong to red hot chili pepper's musician. they said the guitar changed hands several times after the burglary, but they kept on tracking it and eventually recovered it. the guitar soon heads to cleveland to go on display at the rock n' roll hall of fame.
6:27 am
up next, the latest on the closer on 101 after powerlines fell on both sides of the freeway. and customers are being turned away because of a
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's frances dinglasan, who is in this morning for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting off with live doppler 7hd. we have been tracking some light rain falling over parts of the north bay, bumpily north of -- but mainly north of sacramento. feeling a bit humid out there. oakland at 69, as well as in concord. mountain view at 68 degrees. here's a live view. we are seeing some of the gray clouds as we look over the bay bridge. temperatures take a tumble. inland east bay numbers coming down by as much as 20 degrees. the high today only 80 to 86 degrees. breezy at the coast and also
6:31 am
cooler. temperatures between 66 to 70 degrees and around the bay more comfortable, as well, between 70 and 80 degrees. i'll let you know about the cooling trend that continues and where we might see some light rainfall. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. back now to our breaking news this morning. the chp does not have an estimated time for reopening 101 in burlingame. drivers on both sides of the freeway were stranded for hours overnight after live electrical wires fell over the freeway. those wires came from a pg&e tower that was pulled down by a construction crane around the:30 last night. 22 people in at least nine cars were trapped by the pires.
6:32 am
a pg&e spokesman told why it was going to take a long time to get things moving. >> we have transmission line and tower employees who are the experts for this type of equipment that are coming from concord. due to some of the traffic constraints with 101 being closed, san mateo and bay bridge, we are still waiting on our transmission and tower and line crews. we have a police escort in front of them at the san mateo bridge. >> thousands of drivers were forced to just sit on the freeway until the all clear was given. many were giants fans coming from the game where the four surge made the center field scoreboard flicker in the bottom of the seventh. >> and here's what some of that backup looked like. one driver tweeted he was just 20 minutes from home when the freeway was closed. a couple said they had been inside their car for four hours and needed food and water. all around, as you can imagine, a miserable night for drivers on highway 101. is it seems like it is still not that great this morning. this is a look from our drive time -- or is this from the waze app? it is showing us that it's still very heavy there on 101 northbound especially because the freeway is still closed.
6:33 am
one of our viewers just sent us this picture. he is stuck just north of popular, and he said, hey, it's still not good out there. you can get waze open your smartphone. you can download waze and join the abc7 group for free on apple's app store or from google play. it will help you navigate around situations like this one. >> in new orleans and along the gulf coast, this is a day of both remembrance and celebration. ten years ago today hurricane katrina made landfall. the costliest storm in u.s. history. it caused $135 billion in damage and took nearly 2,000 lives. here's abc news reporter with
6:34 am
how the historic city has changed in the decade since katrina threatened to destroy it. ♪ >> it just wouldn't be new orleans without a party. and this morning there is good reason here to celebrate. hundreds more restaurants, a burgeoning tech industry, a billion dollar medical and higher graduation rate. >> it's a spirit much stronger than any storm. >> former president george w. bush praised the school reform on his visit to the city friday. president obama's visit thursday also highlighted the city's remarkable recovery. >> these scenes just ten years ago and parts of the city under 20 feet of water after the levies failed. hurricane katrina left thousands stranded and desperate. >> the early recovery was not good. i think there was too much fighting going on. you know, the way the federal government was organized. >> in the storm's wake, half of the city's residents left. today morning 80% of the population is back and their city now fortified by a new $14 billion levy system.
6:35 am
>> we are confident this system is fully capable of reducing the risks of a 100 year storm event. >> there are still too many abandoned homes in predominantly african-american neighborhoods and poverty remains high. but ten years after the storm, new orleans promises to continue their progress into the next decade. >> why would you want to live anywhere else? >> when you are here you know you are someplace special. we just love it. >> bill clinton will be here to help commemorate the tenth anniversary. there will be wreath laying ceremonies in memory of those lost and then a parade and party tonight. abc news, new orleans. >> members of a black woman's book club that were kicked off a napa valley wine train last saturday said they have hired a lawyer and plan to take legal action against the company. they say they were victims of
6:36 am
racial bias when they were asked to get off the train by a group of staff members. they have now hired a civil rights lawyer to represent them. the lawyer tells the san francisco chronicle an appropriate settlement could be as high as $5 million. the wine train's ceo has apologized to the group, but no comment yet about the book club's new lawyer. it's a landmark and historic building in downtown richmond, but the main post office is closed because of a health hazard. abc7 news reporter laura anthony found it's something lurking below. >> while workers donned their protective suits at the rear of the building, a steady flow of potential customers found themselves locked out of the main post office in downtown richmond. >> is it necessary? >> the post office closed, and i'm trying to check my p.o. box and go to work >> the problem, mold. mold found in the basement of
6:37 am
1930s art deco building. something the postal service determined needed to be cleaned up immediately. left unchecked, mold can cause health problems, even death in extreme cases. they are cleaning up mold. >> yes. i hope they do a very good job. >> that's good. that's awesome. mold kills. >> not to worry. customers are directed to two other nearby postal facilities to pick up their mail, buy stamps or apply for a passport. >> i guess i will have to find another post office or inconvenience, you know, but what can i do? >> would you rather have it cleaned up? >> i definitely would. >> the mold clean-up is expected to be finished and the post office reopened by the middle of next week. in richmond, laura anthony. abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, new training for san francisco police. how they are using a drug to save drug addicts. and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. get ready for a drop in
6:38 am
temperature. quite a dramatic drop from what we've been used to. frances dinglasan will be along with your accuweather forecast in just a few.
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>> in san francisco, muni riders should expect to see more buss and newer buses starting next month. yesterday mayor ed lee announced the second phase of improvements beginning september 26th. 37 new 60-foot vehicles will rollout. some of them will be added to heavily used routes like the mission 14, and the california 1. muni has already added 116 new buses during phase one of it's upgrade. trading places. frances dinglasan is here for lisa argen, and i'm here for chris nguyen. with he are here to do news and weather. >> yeah. and we have some good weather news. we are getting light rain in santa rosa. they are reporting light rain and a little fog. a view of the golden gate bridge showing gray clouds overhead. temperatures are coming down. 101 is fine here, but avoid 101 in burlingame and millbrae.
6:42 am
carolyn has been telling but the accident. 280 is your best bet, and that might be the case all day long. i'll keep you updated and i'll have your complete accuweather seven day forecast coming up. >> thank you, frances. also coming up, coming through in the clutch, second baseman tomlinson comes through again. rick qua because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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>> we want to show you again our drive time traffic map telling you about the north and southbound lanes on 101 remain closed in burlingame after an accident brought down powerlines. traffic approaching the area near millbrae avenue and anza boulevard is slow and there is no estimated time for reopening. avoi that area. a san francisco police officer is the first to save a life using a new trauma kit capable of bringing drug users back from the brink of overdose and even death. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard shows us the new pilot program >> we squirt half the solution into the nose. >> officer mike malone demonstrates mao he brought a suspected drug user back from near death last june. >> when i arrived i actually found this man down on the ground. hecwas in the middle of the street. >> the man had overdosed in the mission, but malone had been
6:46 am
trained to use nalozone, and the results were amazing. >> i started to see signs he was coming to and by that time the ambulance crew arrived. >> the man recovered. about 750 san francisco police officers have been trained to use nalozone, part of a pilot program to save lives. the drug is legendary in the mission. this mural pace tribute with a superhero >> we think this is the reason that even though heroin use has increased the last few years, heroin deaths have not. >> the doctor said there were 735 drug overdose reverse always this july thanks to nalozone. at this free clinic, they they e been prescribing nalozone to patience to use in an overdose emergency. doctors say nalozone can combat
6:47 am
overdose, blocking opiates and reviving the victim. >> we give up instructions to the patients on how to use it in case they have a friend or someone they find in the situation. >> and every police officer that entered this job wants to save a life and put something as simple as this and we are now able to do that. >> 1500 more officers will get training this year. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the 101 situation is not going away anytime soon. >> i went ahead and called the chp and just got off the phone a few minutes ago. they said the earliest 101 in burlingame will open will be noon and it may be closed until 5:00 tonight. it will be a complete disaster for peninsula drivers and heading to the airplane or the game. i checked bart and it's running on time so that's an option. >> take 280. >> and 280 and 380 but that will get backed up if it will stay closed all day.
6:48 am
you heard it from carolyn. weather-wise, we also have some changes. we have a cooling trend that starts today. the clouds move in and we even had light rain reported in santa rosa. most of the rainfall will be to the north of us. and over the past hour we even saw some isolated thunderstorms near chico. but they are only going to get about a tenth of an inch as well and we are hoping for sprinkles. from the exploratorium camera you see the gray skies, low clouds and fog. temperatures right now in the 60s. san francisco it's currently 65. oakland 69 degrees. very warm for those triathlonners that are going to start at 7:00 this morning. water temperature also fairly warm for us. it's about 62 degrees. i was in the bay yesterday and i didn't freeze when i got in the water. mountain view 68 degrees. san jose 66. morgan hill cooler at 61 degrees and half moon bay 64 degrees. so here we see more of the fog and the low clouds in emeryville
6:49 am
and more temperatures in the 60s. santa rosa 64. napa 66 and upper 60s through fairfield, concord and livermore. relative humidity is high so it's feeling a bit muggy but things will change by this afternoon. the golden gate bridge look here. we are still keeping the chances of morning showers until about noon. sharply cooler this weekend, and then below normal highs through next week. wednesday and thursday will probably be the coolest day. here's a look at the forecast animation. you see the extensive cloud cover. you see the areas of light green. that's the best chances of light rain, mainly north of ukiah and along the coast. we will keep it in the forecast and by lunchtime it all goes away, the sea breeze kicks in and that helps drive numbers down. cooler weather for all of us. also heads up if you are headed to the at&t park for the giants game today. again, avoid 101 at all costs. looks like it will be closed pretty much all day. your alternate is 280 but that
6:50 am
could get backed up so take caltrain or bart. if you are heading to the airport give yourself a ton of extra time. once you get to the game it will be comfortable at 70 degrees. but even though it will be cloudy, you still need the sunscreen. san jose 80 today. mill fetas 9. near 80 redwood city and also mountain view. millbrae at 74 degrees. along the coast we will see the breeze kick in, 20 miles an hour, 68 in the sunset district n the north bay numbers also coming down by about 10 to 15 degrees. sosa nopa the high 79 today. napa 80 and ukiah 80 degrees. t-shirt and shorts in the east bay with 76 in oakland and 78 in union city. and only the 80s today in the inland areas. livermore 102 yesterday. today 84. so that's much more comfortable. so here's what's going on upstairs. we had the area of high pressure. that brought us the heat. that is going to continue moving
6:51 am
east and in its place we are going to have low pressure moving in, bringing us the cooler numbers this weekend. the cooling trend continues into next week with live doppler 7hd. you will notice by wednesday and thursday we will be below average. so hopefully you can enjoy the break from the triple digit heat. i certainly will. we will see more of the typical fog and low clouds return. our more normal pattern. >> sounds good. thank you, frances. let's check out sports. after a week of practice in colorado, the 49ers l. play their third preseason game later today. the niners take on the broncos in denver, kickoff 6:00 p.m. this afternoon the giants play the cardinals at&t park. first pitch 105. here's rick quan with the highlights in this morning's sports.
6:52 am
>> good morning. called up to fill in for an injured joe panik, giants second baseman tomlinson is making the most of his chances. thursday he had a grand slam, and last night he dame through with the game-winning hit. after taking two out of three from the cubs, giants fans feeling pretty good. marlin bird got them off to a good start. in the third he gets a grand slam. their eighth of the season. the most ever in their team history. we go to the fourth. after a mistake, it kept the inning alive. a stanford product rips the liner off mike leake. two runs score and the lead down to one. the cardinals pulled even in the sixth. leake throws a pitch in the dirt and buster posey can't handle it. he comes home to make it 4 a piece. and in the ninth. throws to first for the double play. then in the bottom half, tomlinson comes through with the bat. he singles up the middle with the bases loaded. the giants win it 5-4. the dodgers also won. so the giants stay 2 1/2 games back in the west.
6:53 am
in arizona, a's ace sunny gray on the mound looking for his 14th victory. oakland took the lead. in the third they score. he scores mark simeon. then the double to left. that will chase home burns. the a's take an early 2-0 lead. but it wouldn't last. the diamondbacks got two runs in the sixth to tie and took the lead in the seventh. aaron hill drives in chris owings. a double into the gap. the relief came on but could provide to no relief. and he gives up a two-run blast. oak scored two in the ninth but fall short, losing 6-4. the earthquakes played host to the first place galaxy last night. san jose broke through in the 17th minute. the cross could quinn ski. the shot is blocked. but chase is there to clean up and scores. quakes take it 1-0. at the barclay's, jordan spieth failed to make the cut.
6:54 am
he hit a kid on the leg and left a mark, but the kid was all smiles after getting a handshake and a look. and bubba watson had a lot better day. this birdie gave him sole possession of the lead. he's 7-under par. for not making the cut. spieth will lose his number one ranking. that's it for sports. i'm rick quan. have a great day.
6:55 am
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weather and traffic, which frances is trained in how to do both. >> yeah. so 101, the big closer in burlingame. avoid it at all costs. it may be closed until 5:00 today. it will mean massive delays all day long, take 280, 380 and consider bart oracle tran, especially if you are headed to the giants game where temperatures will be near 70 degrees in san francisco. we are taking a tumble and temperatures will be closer to average. the cooling trend continues, dry and cooler midweek for next week. >> sounds good. that will do it for us. thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 8:00 this morning with the latest on that horrible 101 closer. what a traffic headache. "good morning america" is up next.
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good morning, america. breaking news, deputy ambushed, sprayed with bullets at a gas station. >> in what appears to be an unprovoked, execution-style killing. >> what set the gunman off? the suspect caught on camera speeding away in this red truck. police on the manhunt overnight. tracking erika. at least 20 are dead as the tropical storm roars over the caribbean. florida's in a state of emergency right now preparing for a hit. we're there as residents stock up on supplies. where is she headed next? split verdict. >> guilty. >> former prep school student owen labrie breaking down in court at the jury's decision, convicted on some charges, but cleared of the most


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